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Decades ago, a young mountain climber was inspired to explore one of the most awe-inspiring places on our planet: the Andes Mountain range. Dreaming of conquering South America’s majestic mountains, Reinaldo Lippi set out to design his own technical apparel and equipment. The success of Lippi’s designs granted more adventurers access to the extreme conditions of the Andes, with gear intentionally designed to withstand and exceed expectations.



The Andes offer outdoor enthusiasts vast opportunities to set ambitious goals and challenge their adventurous spirit. Lippi offers those souls the gear that will help bring them triumph and self-reliance.

Born in the Andes, it is time to bring Lippi to the United States. We hope to combine your passion for adventure and Lippi’s technical know how to make your mountain adventures comfortable, safe and fun. LippiUSA is expected to launch out of Bend OR in early 2019.


The Andes is the longest mountain range in the world, spanning about 4,500 miles (7,242 kilometers) through Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

  • The name “Andes” comes from the ancient Quechua word anti, which translates to “high crest”.
  • The highest crest in the Andes is Mount Aconcagua, which is 22,841 feet (6,962 m) above sea level. Aconcagua is also located in the world’s highest volcano above sea level, Ojos del Salado, which reaches 22,615 feet (6,893 m).
  • The Andes Mountains are also home to 99 percent of the planet’s tropical glaciers.
  • To survive in the Andes, animals have to be rugged, agile and able to keep warm. Even with the right gear, rough terrain and lack of oxygen at high altitudes make human survival difficult in the high reaches of the Andes. Mountain shepherds have survived at altitudes above 17,000 feet on a permanent basis because their bodies have been able to adapt over centuries.
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